Hoops On The Gram: 10 Feeds To Follow Now

Browsing Instagram to keep tabs on our favorite NBA teams or to get inspiration is the daily move. But with all the feeds to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of top hoops accounts. Get your fill of classic basketball photography, art/installations, and courts from your outdoor pick-up game dreams. Grab your phone and tap the follow on these next ten feeds.


Name: Jon Harary

Followers: 3.2k

“Shooting Hoops Everywhere” is the tagline of this first Instagram account dedicated to curating photographs of basketball courts from all over the world. @Local_Hoops firmly believes that even though a standard basketball hoop has a backboard, rim, and if lucky, a fresh net — no two hoops are the same.

Each photographed court consists of a unique backdrop and a brief story which usually represents a community or family. Over the past 12 months, Jon has been determined to provide a steady feed of aesthetically invigorating, culturally representative basketball hoops with an ultimate goal of growing “Basketball Communities” and building courts in impoverished areas across the world. Jon is currently working on a few collaborations with other basketball-related brands and startups.

2. @shootinghoops

Name: Thai Neave

Followers: 22.6k

This feed by Australian photographer, director, and broadcast journalist Thai Neave is a purely holistic look at the sport of basketball. Sticky notes on basketballs act as bite-sized positive motivation. Thai shoots global locations on his travels, from sun-drenched Venice Beach courts to those stuck in crumbling, post-revolutionary Havana alleyways. Check his feed for particularly inspiring shots of youth on court.

3. @thisisfranchise

Name: Franchise Magazine

Followers: 5.1k

Franchise is all about basketball culture. This colorful feed is the digital version of the actual quarterly glossy, filled with interviews, cult artwork, design, and photography. Franchise was launched in 2016 but already made the rounds at All-Star Weekend, and is probably coming to a court near you.

4. @newyorksunshine

Name: New York Sunshine // John Margaritis

Followers: 9.3k

New York Sunshine pushes the boundaries of the beautiful and unusual, using basketball as the focus. Their recent Hoop Dreams installation made waves (literally) at Art Basel Miami Beach as a live installation of a hoop was dragged into the ocean overnight and weighed down with sandbags, leaving the sun to reveal the swirling “court” in the morning.

Link in bio

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5. @literallyballing

Name: Victor Solomon (@victorsolomon)

Followers: 1.4k

Literally Balling is artist Victor Solomon’s feed for his basketball-inspired artwork. This opulent account features standard basketball iconography and hardware, but elevated. Think stained-glass backboards, crystal nets, and 24-karat rims. This is the type of stuff you put on your apt decor wish lists if you want to ball out (ahem) — we already have. Last fall, Nike invited Victor to create an experience to welcome KD to the bay, so since the swoosh co-signed, you know this one is worth a follow.

✨T✨O✨N✨I✨G✨H✨T✨ 935 N. Fairfax, 7-10pm come throughhhh

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6. @laguezz

Name: Yassine Hajji

Followers: 3.7k

Parisian photog Yassine Hajji’s feed is inspired by his love of basketball, hip-hop, and street culture. Paris is a picturesque backdrop for any imagery, but we love Yassine’s captures of the latest footwear drops against technicolor Pigalle courts, pastel walls, and cotton-candy skies. His portraits evoke a fresh youth culture vibe, and we hit up this feed just to see his latest shot of courts with lazy clouds passing by.


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7. @ofoli_kwei

Name: Theophilus Mensah

Followers: 1.3k

We’re often inundated with basketball photography from cities like New York, Chicago, and Paris. But basketball is truly a global sport these days. This feed is full of vivid photos from Ghana’s courts. While they can sometimes be seen fading in color or cracking under the hot sun, it makes it all the more incredible. More importantly, the energy of the subjects playing the game doesn’t seem to let up. Get a taste of African hoops, local villagers, and street culture via this stunning feed.

Second family. #ThisIsWhyWePlay #KumasiBasketball #GhanaBasketball

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8. @asphaltchronicles

Name: Asphalt Chronicles

Followers: 28.3k

Asphalt Chronicles is French photographer and documentarian Kevin Couliau’s ode to pick-up basketball. Street hoops at its finest. He writes, “Some compete for the pride and social status earned on the blacktop, others use it to heal the wounds or escape the daily routine.” Whatever your reason, this is pure hoops at its greatest, free of the the hype and straight to the asphalt.

9. @hlenie

Name: HLenie

Followers: 8.5k

This girl’s feed is next-level, as Paris continues to churn out serious photog talent. Hlenie has photographed everyone from rapper Wiz Khalifa, to legends Kobe and KD. She’s been tapped to shoot for Nike/Jordan Brand and branched out into other sports like soccer as well. Check her feed for editorial-worthy hoops visuals.

Starting the year smoothly #2017 ? Archives Juillet 2016. #Kobe

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10. @duchili

Name: Remi

Followers: 5.4k

Last, but not least, this account features a bright aesthetic that brings hoops to sharp contrast. Filled with shots of courts from around the world, combined with gorgeous travel photography in all seasons, this account is the minimalist adventurer’s dream.

? #duchili_hoops

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